Who is supporting the SmartCamClub
This is where I show my gratitude towards those who are supporting the SmartCamClub. I will divide the sponsors in three categories: sponsors, monthly contributors and contributors. As of now, I can only show names in the last category, but I hope that will change some day.

For yearly sponsors and monthly contributors I will add a link to a site, Twitter or Facebook page. Since I suspect you would not want me to share the contributed amount, I will only show if more contributions are made by the same person. In the list of contributors you will find all people using PayPal to support the SmartCamClub, in alphabetical order.

If you would like your name removed from this list or changed, please let me know via marc at smartcamclub dot com (writing it this way to avoid bots). Here we go – I hope this list will grow… :-)

Contributors (PayPal donations):

Makoto Aitani
Kiran Alphonso
Sinasi Bektas
Malek Belhadj
Mehdi Bensouna
Marcus Bohne (2)
Glen Bugielski (2)
Cassio Canhete
Eric Chiu
Nathan Clark
Dávid Detkó
Dimitris Dimopoulos
Wolfgang Exler
Mark Flinders
Markus Frömerth
Aman Ghebresellassie
Andrew Gin
Hafthor Haflidason
Kai Hassold (2)
Franz Heim
Carl-Philipp Heinz
Asle Helseth
Lourenco Kaercher (3)
Peter Langenkamp
Harald Meyer
Fabrizio Minichiello
Roman Mühleisen
Rituraj Narain (2)
Risto Nevalainen (2)
Olivier Noirhomme (@MusicAddict1)(2)
Vladimír Novák
Michael Papacharalampous
Rodolfo Pineda
Matt O’Rourke
Stephen Quin
Wolfgang Salomon
Dominik Schulze
Raghu K Soman
Boris Sozranov
Marie-Louise & Peter Schelberg
Kjetil Smedsrud
Richard Thomas
Maurice Walton (2)
Evan Wilbrecht
Richard Thomas
Jordan Viray
Thierry Werren
Ellen van Westen (2)
Chris Wilson (@ViewOfPureView)
Richard Yates (3)
Philip Xenakis
André Kamwa Yozeune

If you’d like to find your name in this list, just make a donation using PayPal, you’ll find the link at the right side of this page.